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Workplace Assessment

Assessment of Learning

See also Training Design, and Train the Trainer

Unit Standard - 4098: Use standards to assess candidate performance
Unit Standard -11281: Prepare candidates for assessment

This workshop provides the required skills to assess against Unit Standards on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), and on successfully completing the workshop and assessment, provides the necessary NQF qualification to carry out assessment activities. For anyone who needs to assess workplace competency against Unit Standards on the National Qualifications Framework, using a supplied Assessment.

Those who wish to assess against Unit Standards need to have this skill (and the qualification) prior to doing so.

4098 -  Assessment of Learning: Use Standards to assess candidate performance, Level 4, Credits 5.
People credited with this Unit Standard are able to: prepare for and conduct assessment, and complete assessment administration.

11281 -  Prepare candidates for assessment, Level 4, Credits 3
People credited with this unit standard are able to: prepare candidates for the assessment process, and determine candidate’s readiness for assessment.


Off-course (workplace or home activity)

The preparation for, carrying out and documenting of assessment against two separate Unit Standards which together total a minimum of 4 credits, and the submission of an evidence portfolio containing all evidence relating to those assessments.

Length: Two full days
Format: Workgroup interactive
Available: in-house & customised, or public course
Optimum number Participants/facilitator: 12