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Managing the Sales Team -  Stage Two

Team Dynamics
Coaching & Field visits
Solving Work Problems
Performance Feedback

Learning Objective:
To learn and practice the skills required to improve productivity in the Sales team through  performance measurement, coaching and performance feedback meetings (appraisals), within a  customer service, 'developing the individual' focus.

Target Audience:
Sales Supervisors, new Sales/Line Managers or as a modern refresher for existing Sales/Line Managers.

Team dynamics, characteristics of effective teams, team roles, stages of development. Coaching/ training, field visits purpose & format, incentives and remuneration packages. Measurement and  reporting systems, Performance Feedback Meetings, conflict resolution, solving performance  problems. Legislation (ECA, Privacy and Human Rights) as relates to Performance Feedback  Meetings, equity/EEO issues, and performance-related disciplinary issues.

See Stage One

Length: Two full days.
Format: Workgroup interactive, team role-plays
Maximum number Participants/facilitator: 15