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HR Consultancy

STA Training has been offering Human Resources Support services since 1990, constantly adding to the range of abilities as we grew. Our growth came as a natural add-on to the main Training services STA was set up to provide.

The People Effect is here as a result of evolution. As our clients grew to trust us and appreciate our experience, knowledge and wide competencies, so they began to ask us to do more and different things other than pure training

So, training Team Leaders, Managers and HR advisers in Employment Law naturally led to the handling of our first internal mediations, then representation at external mediation, naturally flowing through to us managing the complete Personal Grievance process, and attendance at Employment Relations Authority hearings and, if necessary, selecting and briefing top Barristers for Employment Court hearings.

For smaller enterprises that can't justify a full-time HR presence, The People Effect is here to handle Performance Counselling sessions, Disciplinary and Termination events, and redundancy.

Training programmes about Vision, Mission & Values naturally led to assisting organisations to create them, working with executive management to transfer from the academic to the practical.

Training on Performance Management led to being asked to create Employment Agreements, Job Descriptions, Person Specifications, Selection Criteria, and customised Behavioural Interview platforms. That also leads to confidential Search & Selection projects.

Training on Team-building leads to working with dysfunctional teams, Customer Service training leads to Customer Service Audits.. Train the Trainer programmes lead to internal Training Needs Analysis, programme creation, and post-training evaluation.

As you can see, the name STA Training no longer adequately describes or relates to many of these roles & services, so all we've done is split them off from STA Training and created a whole new entity...

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